Guest blogger: John McKee

A Life Transformed – How A Documentary Changed My Life

In Early December 1967, I arrived in Vietnam  at Tan Son Nhut Air Base outside of Saigon.  Originally on orders to 25th Infantry Division, I was reassigned to 4th Infantry Division in Pleiku due to recent losses the 4th had suffered at the Battle at Dak To ( After processing in at 4th ID Base Camp (Enari) just to the South of Pleiku, I was assigned as platoon leader, 3rd Platoon, Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, and joined […]

My Dad, Michael J Nairne - Vietnam 67-69

A Vet’s Daughter Reflects If Her Father Ever Came Home

  My Dad, Michael J Nairne was a retired Vietnam Vet. He was there in 1967-69 as a PBR in the Mekong Delta. I never learned about Vietnam in school and it saddens me that my two boys aren’t going to learn about it either. I can count on one hand how many times my Dad was open to talking about his time served. He was diagnosed with PTSD, however after doing some research of my own he should have […]


Why I do this…

Guest Blogger : Eric Christiansen – Filmmaker / Director of Searching for Home : Coming Back from War Why am I doing this film? It is a question I get asked frequently and quite frankly ask myself often. I know I have been giving many gifts.  A gift of empathy.  I understand these people’s pain and their plight. (Through my own trials and lessons God has taught me this)  I also have a gift of communication. I have been making […]


The Truth-The Healing-The Hope – Blog

This blog is a forum for people who have been touched by trauma, their spouses, sons, daughters, friends and family. We will be choosing guest bloggers to share their experience, strength and hope here

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