The Truth- The unexpurgated, raw, truthful view of what happened. The gradual build up or the sudden point of “trauma”, followed by the reality of helplessness and fear. Often accompanied by a “disembarkation” involving shutting down emotionally as not to feel the intensity of the feelings. This phase is also marked by increasing isolation, real and imagined. This time of “the truth” is a necessary precursor to motivate, through discomfort and pain, the individual to seek healing…


The Healing: A process of information gathering accompanied by a continued building of awareness. The crux of the healing process is a moment of clarity, not just intellectually but also a shift in your inner most being. A deeper understanding of what has happened occurs with a willingness to admit you have a problem. This is followed by the understanding that you are not alone and others have traveled this path. This catharsis is ideally followed by searching out and […]


The Hope: A period of healing and recovery that could last the rest of one’s life. This phase is highlighted by working with others with the same affliction. The ultimate proof of recovery is the shift to an outward focus of helping others. Passing it on…

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