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Searching for Home: Coming Back from War -More than a documentary

Built on the “pillars” of – The Truth – The Healing – The Hope, Searching for Home: Coming Back From War” is an emotional and unflinching look at returning veterans and their search for the “home” they left behind–physically, mentally and spiritually. From World War II, Korea and Vietnam to modern-day conflicts, Searching for Home is a multigenerational documentary that honors the men and women who have left “home,” only to return to new and difficult challenges as profoundly-changed people.

Searching for Home captures, up close and personal, the life of veterans struggling with issues of grief and trauma–some for as many as 60 years–across boundaries of age, background and experience. Unprecedented access will allow the viewer to personally witness the hidden wounds, disturbing memories, and, finally the hope of recovery for these brave soldiers. You’ll watch as older vets receive the validation they’ve missed as they reach out to help younger vets. Searching for Home will show the reality and often-devastating impact of PTSD first-hand and how its victims may be transformed through intervention, therapy and multigenerational support and encouragement. Most importantly, Searching for Home will resonate with the resilience of the human spirit as the viewer empathizes with the deeply human, emotionally rich stories and connects with the triumph of recovery in a very real and moving way.

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